Friday, February 13, 2009

NAB CUP Match 1

Sunday 15 February 2009
Richmond vs Fremantle
@ Fremantle  14,517

F:  2.3.2–38 (18)    3.4.4–55 (23)    3.4.8–59    5.5.11–86
R: 1.1.5–20    1.3.5–32    1.8.5–62 (3)      1.12.8–89 (3)

9pts: Matthew Richardson. 
6pts: Mitch Morton 3, Nathan G Brown 3; Jack Riewoldt 2, Matthew Richardson 2; Cleve Hughes, Robin Nahas.

Fremantle: 9pts: Andrew Browne, Byron Schammer, Dean Solomon, Garrick Ibbotson, Stephen Hill. 
6pts: Antoni Grover, Kepler Bradley, Matthew De Boer, Ryan Murphy, Steven Dodd

Richardson kicked the final two goals of the match to put the Tigers in front, then took a match saving mark in defence.

Team:  Bowden, Brown, Andrew Collins, Deledio, Edwards, Foley, Graham, Hislop, Hughes, Jackson, MCGuane, Moore, Morton, Robin Nahas, Newman, Polo, Jayden Post, Raines, Richardson, Riewoldt, Schulz, Silvester, Simmonds, Tambling, Tuck, White

Named in Squad but did not play:
Jarrad Oakley-Nicholls, Adam Thomson, Jake King

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